Haymarket Financial Media4th Bangladesh Investment Summit, Asia | 26 April 2016, Hong Kong


"I think the seminar was informative and interesting."
Carl Engleberth, Executive Director, Chief Representative, Asia Swedish Export Credit Corporation

"Many thanks for the insightful summit. Great crowd and lots of key take-aways…"
Laurent Foraud, Business Development Manager, JTI Asia Pacific Limited

"Excellent line up of speakers and personnel from critical Bangladeshi institutions."
Kelvin Hayes, Deputy Group Treasurer & Corporate Finance, SGS Testing and Control Services Singapore Pte Ltd

"It was a great event thank you for organizing and inviting me."
Mahbub Jamil, Head of Structured Finance, NDB Capital Limited

"I would like to congratulate you for successfully organizing such a wonderful conference. The Summit has established a remarkable milestone for Bangladesh in terms of country's exposure to the world especially from the perspective of investment opportunities. Well done."
Peng Kwang Lee, General Manager, Bangladesh Edible Oil Ltd.

"I felt this was really a good conference espcially the quality of the speakers. Thank you for inviting me. As someone who invests in and operates a relatively significant business in Bangla this was a pleasure to attend."
Peter James O’Donnell, Managing Director, UCL Asia Limited

"I found that all the sessions were very informative. It was very helpful for us and the prospective investors who wouild like to invest in Bangladesh. I would like to thank the organizers and the sponsors to arrange such a pleasant summit.

It was a fabulous and fascinating arrangement. I think, this summit will serve some of the most pertinent investment issues looking to invest for those Bangladeshi companies looking to fund raise."

Moinuddin Hasan Rashid, Managing Director, United Group